Thursday, September 8, 2011

School Spirit Monogrammed Bath Towel Set of Two Fundraising Ideas

Show your school spirit! Get your own set of personalized monogrammed towels that are in your school colors!
Take your towels with you when to travel for competitions.
If you are looking for a school fundraiser, then personalized towels is a great way to go! Send me an email and we can talk about how to set it up so that your school gets a percentage of the sale.

This listing is for one set of monogrammed bath towels. One set includes bath towel and a hand towel. Each towel is embroidered with your special monogram; your choice of colors and design. You can have the choice of what large initial you want, what name you would like under the large initial and or what graphic you would like next to the initial.

Bath towel has initial and name, hand towel has just name.
These are perfect for school spirit, fundraisers, competitions, going to college, locker rooms, house warming, wedding showers, bridesmaids’ gifts, baby showers, kid birthdays, Christmas gifts.

I will send you proof designs before completing your towels. Once payment is received it will take 5-7 days for completion per set, and 5 days for shipping to arrive.

Choice of towel colors are white, or cream color. If you would like the towel decorated with ribbon, let me know.       

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  1. School towels are a great idea! Working for a charity that engages in fundraising I can testify that we've had many successful sales in the past, it's something the parents can take home and use as something to remember the earlier years of their child's life, keep up the great work!

    -A school fundraising agent =)