Monday, September 26, 2011

Child Fairy Wings Party Favors Set of 10 White, Pink, Blue, Purple

Little Girl Fairy Wings for your next Birthday Party. Dress Up and have a Fairy Party! Think of what beautiful pictures you will have to commemorate your child's party!
This is a Set of 10 Fairy Wings:

You get 3 white wings, 3 pink wings, 2 blue wings, and 2 purple wings.
These wings are not handmade but have been altered by me. I have put together the Center flower, by combining different flowers to give it the fullness necessary to stand out. I have also added dangling white satin ribbon that sway in the wing when your little girl moves, giving her the effect of flight!

If you need more than ten, send me an email.

These are one of a kind. My next set of wings will not be exactly like this one because I am always trying new combination of flower colors and wing colors so if you like these wings buy them. If you would like a different color combination, let me know. I would love to make you a custom order.

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