Saturday, February 2, 2013

Valentine Theme Counting Cards for Preschool, Homeschooling, and Kinder

Here are some Valentine Theme Cards to use with your students or at home with your children.

Some times learning to count can become tedious, but not when you change the materials kids use. 

These Flash Cards can be used for the Month of February.

Use them for counting, adding, subtracting, decomposing numbers, or matching.

You can play concentration, Go Fish, or Guess What piece is missing

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Counting Flash Cards Spring Theme Subitizing Kinder Cards

I have been looking at the Common Core Standards and have been talking to them about what this means to you math students. 

Well, we all agree that mastering number is Preschool though Second Grade in a must!

So have decided to create some cute cards that you can use in your classroom or if you are a homeschooling parent you can also use these as well.

I started out by creating some counting cards. 
Then I decided that they can also be good for playing concentration. So I added a set of number cards. 
As the process went on I thought why not include some math symbols for those children who are ready. 

And finally, I thought why not use them to decompose numbers? So I included a bonding mat.

If you print out two copies of the cards you can play Go Fish!