Sunday, July 8, 2012

Craft Artist of the Week Kristy Hollingsworth from RosySheepBoutique

This week I would like you to welcome Kristy Hollingsworth from RosySheepBoutique. She likes to take a string of wool and two sticks, shape the string and mold it string into something beautiful yet useful, novel yet familiar. Welcome!

1.What would you like us to know about you?
I live in southwest Michigan with my dog and three cats. I have on one daughter and one grandson. I have been creative all my life to varying degrees. Sometimes the creative me is quiet other times it’s very restless.

2.When did you discover Etsy?
I discovered Etsy at the beginning of 2011.

3.What prompted you to open an Etsy Shop?
It all started with an eReader that I had received as a gift. I wanted to find a cover for it and could not. Even the company that sold the units did not have a cover to fit this particular size unit. I thought if I was having such a problem others more than likely were too. Since I’m an avid knitter and felter it was only logical that should be my medium. After that my mind to work on a solution and I came up with a design in a rather short period of time.

4.What do you sell?

I sell what I like to refer to as functional art. My pouches are beautiful and they’re also a solution. If you buy a tablet, an eReader or an iPhone you'll want to have some form of a protective barrier for it. My pouches and sleeves offer that solution by my knitting with a double strand of yarn the wool felts up nice and thick so it becomes a dense padding and it helps keep the moisture off and free of dust especially the open ports that some units have. Now I’m not saying that you can leave it out in a rainstorm or drop it out a window and still have an operational unit but what I am saying is that with reasonable care it will provide a reasonable barrier to the external elements.

5.How did you come up with your shop name?
The first name, Knit2Felt, came to me when thinking about what to name my shop. It made sense albeit literal. I recently changed my name to Rosy Sheep Boutique. The story behind it is cute. I found a sheep figurine, she has rosy cheeks so she became Rosy and my mascot. She even appears in some of my
shop photos and I have created a logo which happens to look just like her, cheeks and all. Eventually she’ll have her own column in my future blog.

6.How would you describe your shop?
I strive for my shop to be warm, inviting and friendly like you’re walking in off the street and I’m showing you around. Casual.

7.What inspires / motivates you?
Everything. I see potential in almost everything. I know it sounds over the top but it’s true.

8.How has Etsy changed your life?
Etsy has changed my life by urging me to do my craft consistently, giving me an avenue to share it and giving me the tools to succeed.
9.Where else can we find you? (Do you have a website or blog outside of Etsy?) 
I do not have a website or blog yet. Both are in my future plans as is Pinterest. I’m a one person shop so it’s mostly about the product right now. I do have a FB fan page, 

10.Is there anything else you would like to share?
Be true to yourself, be who you are. If you are an artist and a creative or whatever you’ve been given.
Honor your life and your gift by using it. 

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